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The main import products for the productive chain are veneer sheets, plywood boards such as MDF and triplex, etc., as well as the tools required for construction and assembly of furniture and wood chemical paste. The Colombian trade balance for wood, charcoal and wood products is deficient and mainly supplied by imports. The growth in the construction and infrastructure sectors will increase the demand for building materials. Between 2004 and 2017, imports of wood and wood products grew at an average annual rate of 7.8 %. 

During the past few years we have identified a higher level of dynamics in the finished furniture market showing growth in both imports and exports, however, we still see a deficit in trade results. The industrial production and furniture manufacturing is located with more than 40 % of the furniture companies in the capital of Colombia.

The main export product is molded wood for construction and furniture including wooden containers.

Colombia has 24 million hectares of land that is potentially suitable for forestry, but only 1.9 % of it is being used (450 thousand hectares).  Close to 55 % of this area is used for illegal extraction. The forestry sector represents 0.2 % of the Colombian GDP and it offers an average of 74,000 jobs.