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The event for industrial wood processing and furniture manufacturing

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Koelnmesse SAS & Corferias Bogotá


Corferias - Centro Internacional de Negocios y Exposiciones in Bogotá, Colombia

Product Segments:




Tools and machinery for customized and mass production:

Processing technologies for solid wood, panel products, plastics and composite materials.

Surface Technology:

Finishing technologies for solid wood, reconstituted wood and composites.

Primary wood processing:

Processing technologies, including the sawmill and panel products sector.

Wood energy:

Technologies related to the conversion of wood into energy.

Machine components and automation technology:

Automation technology applied in the wood and furniture industry.

Forest Technology:

Technologies for planning and collection operations for the recovery and transport of logs, mobile sawmills and wheel loaders for log yards

Furniture Production:

Materials and Nature

Materials for furniture production, surface treatment and finishing products, wood, veneers, parquet flooring, interior works, decorative surfaces, decor papers, laminates, wood-based panels, laminated plastic, mineral materials, embossing cylinders, press plates, edges, adhesives, abrasives, paint, ironwork

Function and Components

Semi-finished products for cabinet, office and modular furniture, structural parts, built-in parts, lighting systems, lights, electrical fittings for furniture production and interior works

Textile and Machinery

Furniture and furnishing fabrics, leather, upholstery materials, upholstery articles and accessories, semi-finished products for upholstery, mattress and bed manufacturing industry, machines, tools, equipment and aids for the upholstery industry processing

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Manufacturers of furniture, forest engineers, reforestation companies, processors of solid wood, joiners, carpenters, upholsterers, painters, constructors, architects, industrial designers, decorators, companies and individuals that directly or indirectly participate in the wood and furniture industry



Christian Guarín

Managing Director
Koelnmesse SAS
Calle 36 # 25 - 15
Bogotá - Colombia
Tel: +57 (1) 210 9979
email: c.guarin@koelnmesse.co

Angélica Garzón

Project Sales Manager
Koelnmesse SAS
Calle 36 # 25 - 15
Bogotá - Colombia
Tel: +57 (1) 210 9979
email: l.pletzinger@koelnmesse.co

Alexandra Alegria Brown

Project Manager
Koelnmesse SAS
Calle 36 # 25 - 15
Bogotá - Colombia
Tel: +57 (1) 210 9979
email: a.garzon@koelnmesse.co

Corferias Bogotá:

Alejandro Redondo Soto

Commercial Coordinator
Corferias Bogotá
Cra. 37 #24-67
Tel: +57 (1) 3810000 Ext. 5198
email: aredondo@corferias.com

Andrés Galindo Gómez

Commercial Coordinator
Corferias Bogotá
Cra. 37 #24-67
Tel: +57 1 3810000 Ext. 5183
Cell: +57 305 879 10 78
email: agalindog@corferias.com

Doris Chingate

Project Manager
Corferias Bogotá
Cra. 37 #24-67
Tel: +57 (1) 3810000 Ext. 5166
email: dchingate@corferias.com




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