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Find out here all the information about knowledge and experience spaces that the fair will have.
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Creative & Innovation HUB

Practical workshops

May 14- 17 - Where: Pavilion 17

It is the point where talent and creativity converge. Designed to encourage learning and innovation in the furniture and wood industry.

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Sample Space

May 14-17 - Where: Pavilion 4

It is the core of interzum bogota. Piazza is proud to present the exhibition 'Enter and Exit the Forest', a proposal by the artist and designer Germán Gómez.

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Smart Talks

May 14-17 - Where: Pavilion 4

Smart Talks represent the academic backbone of interzum bogota, offering a program of talks that covers the four fundamental pillars of the fair: sustainability, design, circular economy, innovation and technology.

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Conection Contract

May 14-17 - Where: Pavilion 4

It is a space dedicated to dialogue and learning between professionals involved in the design and construction of commercial and hospitality spaces.

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Business Matchmaking

May 15 - 16 - Where: Pavilion 4

Promoted by the WWF, which facilitates strategic meetings between exhibitors and visitors interested in closing commercial agreements.

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Wood Talks

May 14 - 17 - Where: Pavilion 16-16

Promoted by FEDEMADERAS. They are platforms where current trends, technological advances and sustainability strategies in the wood sector are discussed.


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