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Clear wood and flat colors set the decorative trends for 2018

  • For offices, modular spaces built with light wood and chipboard, LED lighting for cupboard drawers, closets, bathrooms, open spaces and modular, practical and simple constructions are imposed.

Bogota, Colombia, February 2018. - With a variety of fittings and solutions for offices and the home, destined to the decoration and renovation of spaces, the XIV edition of the Technological and Industrial Fair of Furniture and Wood, brings with it the latest trends in timber sector, immersed in fields such as architecture and design.

Madecentro, the leading company in the commercialization of supplies and services for the construction, furniture and wood industry, has carried out an analysis on decoration and innovation trends for 2018.


This year the industrial offices are imposed, modern and functional areas, with large windows and very organic materials, such as wood; also of open spaces, where natural light predominates and the construction can be done in a modular, practical and simple. Customers want to customize their own space allowing spaces to adapt to them and not the other way around. 

"Being at the forefront of the customer's needs is important, that's how we offer them to create a work space to their liking with very simple steps, trend colors and everything they need for personalization", says Silvia Velez, Coordinator of Madecentro Communications. 


Regarding the trends in the home, in the rooms the protagonists will be the sofas in velvet that will be accompanied by auxiliary tables of different shapes and heights. The kitchens will continue to be of great importance in the functionality of the home as well as in the design, white will continue to be fashionable, but at the same time there will be an increase in other colors that will bring life and style such as pearl gray, yellow, the green or the navy blue. As for the bedrooms will give way to luxury and elegance with fabric and velvet headboards. 

"In the home the wood will take strength in the bathrooms, where it will be used a lot in the finishes to give an effect of warmth, comfort and well-being, also untied its use in the floors for the different spaces that are required", states the Coordinator of Madecentro Communications. 

It is important to keep in mind that in order to enlarge or make the larger or brighter spaces visible in the home and office, light colors should be used. Another alternative is LED lighting, which works perfectly for cupboard drawers, closets, bathrooms and any space where extra light is needed. 

"Currently the sector moves in order to meet the needs and tastes of each client, so we offer each of them solutions with fresh ideas and following the trends that are found worldwide; in order to be competitive and differentials in the market", concludes Silvia Velez. 

Madecentro, is one of the companies that will be part of this new edition of the Technological and Industrial Trade Show of Wood and Furniture, which will take place in Corferias from 6 to 9 March. They will be located in stands 4, 10 and 100 of pavilion 11 and stands 437 and 461 of pavilion 18 - 23.


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