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The first online lock will be presented in real time

  • Multidisposive on-line monitoring, complete alarm system and wireless communication for the programming of the locks, some advantages that can be found with OJMAR - NEXON® NLX1.
  • This system of locks is ideal for lockers or office lockers, gymnasiums, chain stores and construction companies. 

Bogota, Colombia, February 2018. - With a revolutionary and innovative security system, the first lock for lockers or online lockers that can be manipulated from mobile devices, PCs and tablets will reach the Technological & Industrial Trade Show of Wood and Furniture. 

OJMAR - NEXON® NLX1 is the name of this technological lock that has an advanced and functional software that allows the blocking of lockers on-line without the need for Wi-Fi and the monitoring of the locker achieving a fast use of the lockers and greater space optimization. 

"This is an innovation never before seen in the sector, because this system, besides being the first of its kind worldwide, offers significant savings compared to any wiring system since it avoids the cost overrun of the installation and the hand of work", says Julen Ruiz de Samaniego, Business Development Manager of OJMAR. 

It is interesting to see how the operating system of NEXON® NLX1 also becomes functional for the use of Technogym or fitness equipment systems and automatic payments, because the end user can have at their fingertips a center that allows access to all these benefits through a single credential that can be from a chip, a bracelet, a card or a technogym key.

"The data provided by this system allow us to know precisely the activity in the different zones and time zones. In this way we can know that lockers are enabled and have a better and efficient management of the center", says Julen Ruiz. 

This system also allows to know what the battery level of the locks is and know that lockers are occupied or open, also includes an integrated security system that by means of alarms controls the theft attempts by sending a real-time warning of the anomaly that occurs. 

With more than 100 years in the European market and a strong presence among the largest furniture manufacturers in Colombia, OJMAR will be on stand 232 of Pavilion 11-14, from 6 to 9 March 2018 in Corferias. 

This will be a business window and a platform to offer the widest range of machinery, supplies and services for the wood processing industry, in addition to positioning Colombia as a benchmark in the sector and a great precursor of advances in the industry.


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